Climate Change, unfair resource allocation, a dysfunctional global economy – the synergy of forestry and digitization contributes towards the solution of the crisis.

Forestry is the cheapest and most efficient available tool to sequester CO2 and make global land-use more sustainable. Successful large-scale reforestation, however, is hampered by two reasons: Lacking finance and bad data from the ground.

TREEO is an open app that can be used by any smallholder farmer in the world to digitize their forest and derive information on the financial value of the wood – the number one motivation to maintain and plant more!
This kind of technology-enabled decentral data collection is scalable and cheap, and technology ensures the high quality of the data. The basis for trust of investors, and the whole value ecosystem.



TREEO – Tree . Tracking . Technology

TREEO started as a project by the Fairventures Worldwide gGmbH, a global leader in the reforestation of degraded land. Initial funding for the project came from Bread for the World and funding from the Google Impact Challenge Germany 2018 made the first prototype possible.

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TREEO offers benefits to a wide range of different participants in the value chain

Maximized transparency

Interpret timber, translate in financial value

Increased efficiency

Recommendations on forest management lead to increased harvest

New competency

Sovereignty over private natural assets

Maximized transparency

Proof of sustainable timber

Increased efficiency

Better planning and optimization

New competency

Unprecedented data in breadth and depth

Maximized transparency

Proof of existence

Increased efficiency

Cutting the intermediaries so money can go directly to the field

New competency

Virtual deep dive into forests around the world

Treeo has potential


“Having experienced Fairventures’ work on-site in Borneo, I am fascinated by the opportunity and the potential of using technology in conjunction with forestry in order to build a sustainable livelihood for thousands of smallholder farmers in Borneo. One of the reasons why we support Fairventures, is to show what potential modern technologies bear, if they are used purposefully."

Stefan Ebener, Manager of Customer Engineering for Google Cloud and leading an international machine learning and AI expert team at Google

"During my international travels as a forester I have visited a lot of forestry projects and learned about the factors for failure and success. TREEO clearly has the potential to become a central tool to meet our worldwide reforestation goals, to mitigate climate change and support nature-based rural development."

Dr. Christoph Hoffmann, Member of German Parliament (Bundestag) and Liberal Democrats' Spokesperson for Development Cooperation

"TREEO is an innovative tech solution to create a green rural economy based on regenerative land use. We at Attempto see the potential of the technical development for a great AI use case and Omnichannel Platform. We are amazed by the potential of the TREEO app for farmers and the whole wood industry."

Berno Breitruck, CEO at attempto GmbH & Co. KG


We want to fine-tune the current version of TREEO and then lift TREEO to the next level.Therefore we need support.

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